22 January 2010

Plymouth Citybus incoming Solos

First batch of Solos's due to Plymouth shortly...

Go North East: 0613 NM02DNU Optare Solo (by emdjt42) ©emdjtd42 Go North East's Optare Solo 613 NM02DNU is seen at Gateshead MetroCentre, on a 143, on March 16th 2009.
In a livery that wouldnt look too out of place in Plymouth, Go North East 613 is one of 4 Solos which are due to arrive in Plymouth any day now. The four that are expected (and things can change at the last minute!) are
GP02DPV 32 seats (Photo by emdjt42)
NM02DNU 29 seats
VU02TTK 29 seats(photo by emdjt42
MX53FEF 33 Seats

All will be repainted etc before they enter service in Plymouth so it will be a little while before we see them on the streets of Plymouth. It remains to be seen what the livery will be! Flickr user emdjtd42 has a large collection of photos of the Go North East fleet here I wonder if any others of this colourful fleet will end up in Plymouth!
Further Reading

emdjt42 Photostream on Flickr

First on Twitter / Facebook 21 Jan 2010
09:20 Services operating as normal although delays (in particular for those travelling from Torpoint to Plymouth) are likely on services 81/81A/81C due to there only being two Torpoint Ferries running at the moment. Will update if we hear more.
12:35 PLYMOUTH/TORPOINT: Report from the Torpoint Ferry Office is that the 3rd ferry is likely to be repaired & back in service by 1400 today. We apologise for any consequent delays to service 81/81A/81C which have been beyond our control.
17:35 The Gold Star awards are a joint venture between The Herald and First Devon & Cornwall to identify local residents in the Plymouth area who have shown selfless dedication to the community, to the welfare of others, and to helping those less fortunate than themselves. Every month for 12 months, nominations for the awards are judged and a monthly 'Gold Star' chosen. All 12 winners are then invited to attend a glittering awards ceremony and dinner - this year to be held in March. At the ceremony, an overall 'Gold Star of the Year' will be selected for 2009-10. Also presented at the ceremony is the Stephanie Hammacott Gold Star Award which is presented to a young person from Plymouth who has also demonstrated a dedication to the community, to the welfare of others, and to helping those less fortunate than themselves. To nominate someone you know for a Gold Star Award (including the Stephanie Hammacott Award) please click on the link HERE

Citybus on Twitter / Facebook 21 Jan 2010
17:35 A serious incident involving a fire in a barn near the village of Shaugh Prior has forced the service 59 to terminate at Wotter. The road between Shaugh and Bickleigh is completely closed.

PlymTransit on Twitter


  1. These buses had been sitting on Go North East's disposal list for a while, but as soon as the PCB takeover was announced, I assumed it would only be a matter of time before these would trundle (slowly and noisily) towards Plymouth.

    I now have a strange urge to waste tomorrow afternoon by sitting on the 58/59 Cornwood Circular, just to experience a bit of bread van action before they finally disappear!

    Anyone want to join me? Oh, so it's just me then!!

  2. Can always sell you one Nick for preservation?

  3. VU02 TTK and VU52 UES have appeared at H&D Paint in Barton Park, Eastleigh so will be interesting to see if these are two intended for PCB or not.

    Regards, Ant


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