27 January 2010

OFT not pursuing an investigation

Least surprising news ever?

I must admit I didn't really expect to be using the 'Citybus Sell Off’ badge again but today I received a 'news item' which caught me unawares:

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) last night said it had decided against an investigation into the latest acquisition made by North East transport giant Go-Ahead. The Newcastle-headquartered company made a £20m swoop for southern bus operator Plymouth City Bus (PCB) in December.

The plc had reportedly faced stiff competition from rival Stagecoach to complete the deal, while Plymouth City Council also received opposition from transport unions and local residents who were against the deal. However the OFT issued a statement last night to confirm that it would not be pursuing an investigation -in relation to the Enterprise Act 2002 - into the merger between Go-Ahead and PCB.


Did anyone ever really expect an investigation into the takeover from the OFT? If Stagecoach had secured the deal to take control then I am sure it would have been investigated, but with Go-Ahead now owning Citybus, the competition for Plymouth passengers remains pretty much the same as before.
Curious! We are part of the...
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