15 January 2010

Incoming Olympians for First

First D&C Olympians now in service in Plymouth.

First 34049 P249UCW
Finally I have a new camera and am able to start taking photos for Plymothian Transit again. I had a spare twenty minutes this yesterday lunchtime so tried the new camera on Royal Parade and a few shots down at Bretonside.
One of the photos I managed to get is of 34049 P249UCW which has recently joined us from Bristol. Sister bus P252UCW was out on the 7 today but I never managed to catch that one. I must admit I do like this body style.
More photos to follow over the next day or so!
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First on Twitter 14 Jan 2010
07:36 NORTH DEVON: All services running as normal this morning. Awaiting ice reports, will update you if the situation changes. CORNWALL: All services running as normal this morning.Is some ice but so far it's not causing any problems.Will update if situation changes. PLYM/STH DEVON: Services running same as yesterday with little disruption except for 93 diversion/shuttlebus & 76 not serving StDom/Ashton

07:55 STRETE/DARTMOUTH/KINGSBRIDGE: For details of temporary service 93 shuttle bus (inc timetable) & diversion click here

07:58 ADVERSE WEATHER UPDATE: all services in Devon & Cornwall running with little/no disruption much the same as yesterday (although it is icy in parts so drivers will execute caution) . Main exception is service 76 that cannot serve St Dominick or Ashton. Please see details below (posted yesterday) for Dartmouth - Plymouth Service 93 diversion and temporary shuttle bus due to drain repair works in Strete.

08:24 DEVON & CORNWALL: Further details of services operating in Devon & Cornwall as at 0800

Citybus on Twitter / Facebook 14 Jan 2010
08:20 Lower Compton off limits to buses due to RTC Services 46 and 47 via Henders Corner and The Bluebird. Icy roads all over Plymouth and beyond

14:14 Sorry we are ocassionally a bit behind with our updates. New IT equipment is being installed which limits our internet access and network use at times. It's all for the good though and will be worth a few hic-ups.

14:21 We are not aware of any problems on the network this afternoon All school buses Grammar School and College buses will operate normal routes

PlymTransit on Twitter

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  1. Hello Graham

    Good news for citybus as arriving sometime this weekend are "some" optare solos from go aheads meteor parking arm>

    There here to replace the minbuses

    pcb driver


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