16 October 2009

Life after Plymouth: K104SFJ


A few of the Dennis Dart fleet have escaped Plymouth

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Retrobus on Flickr
(Some great Penzance shots uploaded recently)

On-board wi-fi may just hold the key to encouraging motorists to use bus & coach services.

Zoar Travel Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer K104SFJ (by Retrobus) ©Retrobus. Zoar Travel Nr Helston Cornwall
Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer Ex Plymouth City Bus K104SFJ Sat 10.10.09

It has long been the case that local operators are keen to get their hands on former Citybus vehicles as they are seen to be very well looked after. A few of the Dennis Dart fleet have escaped Plymouth so far, although I am sure several have recently been put back into service, no doubt to free up buses for the new services starting shortly.



I am currently ‘between cameras’ as mine died on me at Kingsbridge which has been a real nuisance when there is so much going on at the moment. So it is great that there are lots of people out there who allow me to share their photos on Plymothian Transit. Retrobus is just one of several regulars whose work can be found here from time to time. As always please explore their photo collections using the links or just by clicking on the photos as there are loads more that are well worth a viewing. Thanks once again to all of you who have been willing to share their photos in this way.

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