07 September 2009

Torbay in The Sun

"A great variety of entrants, as well as a great cross section of visitors

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More of Retrobus photos of the event here
Devon General Leyland Atlantean NDV537G (by Retrobus) ©Retrobus. NDV537G Devon General Leyland Atlantean
Sadly I wasnt able to make it to the Torbay Bus Running Day yesterday but thanks to Google Groups and the wonders of Flickr I have seen several photos of the event which appears to have been a great success.
I am sure James wont mind me using his message from the organizers of the event:
Just a quick note to say, many thanks to everyone that has visited our event in Torbay today, a BIG thanks indeed, I am pleased to confirm that the event has been a great success! Some of the comments from some of the visitors and entrants were really positive like ‘Best Rally of the Year’, ‘Well organised’, ‘Professional’ etc etc. We were blessed with some fine weather, dry and warm, and also some nice sunshine for most of the day. A great variety of entrants, as well as a great cross section of visitors. BIG BIG thanks to Stagecoach and Torbay Council for the support day. I hope everyone enjoyed it, and if you have any comments then please do let me know so we can make the event even better in the coming years!!!! Anyway, have a had a great day, and lets hope we can sort something out for a similar event next year!
Regards James (on-behalf of the DDG Team)

Its nice to see the that the event was supported by Stagecoach, who as a group do seem to appreciate and respect their ‘heritage’ more than some of the other big groups (mentioning no names!).
September is looking good with more events coming up, details to follow during the week.

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