18 September 2009

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"I am sure its a temporary blip! ”

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My daily check of the web sites of the local bus companies to see what is happening and this is all you get from First timetables. No future timetables or any current timetables either. I am sure its a temporary blip!
still, it could be worse....
FireShot capture #77 - 'Target Travel Plymouth' - www_targettravel_co_uk (by didbygraham) Meanwhile I notice that there are now a few videos on the Citybus web site. I should say they are nothing exciting but its welcome to see. Maybe the list will grow and we will start to see something a little more interesting in the future, but its a nice start. No idea when these were added though - probably find out they have been there for ages!

Oh, and don't forget this tomorrow ….
KBV (by didbygraham)

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  1. they had the new timetables for the new routes up on the first site a few days ago, seems strange to take them off now?? although the timetables are available in bretonside


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