03 September 2009

The Navy Lark

"what promises to be a spectacular family day out”

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First 30065 A167VFM (Sold Scrap) (by didbygraham)

26 August 2006 The George, Plymouth. 30065 A167VFM on Navy Days Park and Ride shuttle service
Over the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September Her Majesty’s Naval Base Devonport, the largest naval base in Western Europe, will open its doors for the first time in 3 years for what promises to be a spectacular family day out. Navy Days will showcase the present and future capabilities of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, and allow the public to meet the men and women who serve on our ships and submarines

First will once again be operating a Park and Ride service for Navy Days this coming weekend. Sadly I am sure it wont be operated by A167VFM again as this one was scrapped some time ago!

Two services will be operating:
Service 221 will run from The George Park and Ride site via Milehouse Park and Ride then on to St Levans Gate running at twenty minute intervals all day from 08:45 to 18:55. This service runs on Saturday and Sunday
Service 223 only runs on Sunday and will link the Coypool Park and Rider site direct to St Levans Gate. First bus leaving Coypool at 08:45 and last bus back at 19:00
Return fares for both Navy Days services are as follows:
Family (up to 5 people with no more than 2 adults travelling at the same time) £5.00 2 adults travelling at the same time £5.00 1 adult and up to 3 children travelling at the same time £5.00 Adult or child return £3.00
Its always good to see the Park and Ride sites being used for events like this. I cant help wonder though why 221 and 223? What happened to 222?

(I have now noted that the 222 was used for a Park and Ride service to Saltram a while back)

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  1. An annual event once upon a time !



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