26 June 2009

Scrubbers at the bus station


you could have saved your elbow grease and invested in some Semtex

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Bretonside at Midnight

Bretonside tart up STAFF and volunteers from organisations across Plymouth were today due to don overalls and launch an all- day cleansing assault on grime, gum and graffiti at Bretonside Bus Station.

Councillor Mike Leaves, Cabinet member for street scene, waste and sustainability, said: "We're pleased to be working alongside our partners and local traders to make Bretonside cleaner, brighter and more inviting for local bus users and especially visitors to the city.

"It's important that people coming to Plymouth for the first time get a warm welcome, a good first impression and can find their way in and around the bus station easily. We're delighted volunteers from the Probation Service and Shekinah Mission are supporting our efforts."

It is good to see Bretonside getting some attention, as it certainly needs it. As one commenter puts it so well:

I appreciate the hard work and effort from the volunteers etc but I think Bretonside could do with a bit more than a lick of paint and wash.
another commentator goes even further:

Not before time. But, you could have saved your elbow grease and invested in some Semtex.

All in all the message is clear - good effort - but a lot more is needed if Plymouth is ever going to get a decent bus station.

Full story on This is Plymouth


  1. Thinking off the top of my head, does any of the larger bus stations in the region fare any better? Paignton's is if anything, even more filthy then Bretonside, Barnstaple's is just a collection of bus shelters, Tavistock's is far too small, and Exeter's is only very slightly better..

  2. It was certainly grim when I last visited (going to a gig at the White Rabbit) - was glad I wore big goth boots as otherwise the scunge might have gone over my toes!


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