15 June 2009

Bish Bash Bosh

"probably the sort of incident that bus drivers are dealing with every day”

Brunels Broad Gauge
Exeter High Street

Whenever you read a story in the news papers to do with buses, you will always see comments to the effect that all bus drivers are rude, cant drive wont help anyone, and are miserable. Its clearly rubbish, but the comments always come out.
So its always nice to be able to report on a driver being extra helpful and quick thinking this afternoon. We caught the 46A home from Derriford at 3:15 ish and when it reached the top of Keswick Crescent, just after school kicking out, there was already a fight on progress. Quite a few boys involved with one young lad coming out worse. He got on our bus, which I am sure was an escape for him, but then trouble soon started again with a few unhelpful comments from other lads already on the bus. As we had Zak on the bus with us, on his way home from having his plaster removed, and therefore not feeling too good, I had to intervene to stop the fight which took place right in front of us, on the back seats. Too close for comfort to my son. The language was also an issue for us. and other passengers on the bus. We soon split them up but the bus driver called the young lad at the centre of it all down to the front. I was worried that he was going to be kicked off the bus, which in any other circumstances he would have deserved. Instead he took the opportunity to sit the lad down behind the driver, getting him away from the others where he could calm down. It also saved him from a continued beating he would have received had he been kicked off.
All in all its probably the sort of incident that bus drivers are dealing with every day on the school run, with no credit or thanks from anyone. Well, thanks from us to this driver. You handled it very well.

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