13 May 2009

Plymouth Local History

"a small snippet of local history”


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Plymouth Local History Blog is a newish blog by Derek Tait which I have been following for a short while now. Its a nice simple blog with one or two posts each week offering a small snippet of local history just like the one above. It only started in March so its easy to go back through all the posts, which is well worth the effort. Links to other new posts I notice will appear in the side bar alongside the others I usually post there.

On a personal note, sorry for the lack of action here over the past week or so. I have now been signed off work awaiting a hospital appointment for further tests of my ongoing chest pain. Although this does mean I can sit indoors and spend more time at the computer, it also means I cant get out and about much at all. I am severely restricted as to what I can do at the moment, and quite frankly blogging has often been far from my mind as I have been feeling so rough. I will be trying to get back into regular posts but until things settle down expect the occasional gap!


  1. Hope all's ok. Get well soon :)

  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Miss reading your interesting postings.


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