01 May 2009


"The 150 years anniversary is a testament to Brunel's achievements and to the industry's commitment to this vital rail link”

Lantographer on Flickr

The Royal Albert Rail Bridge by lantographer (Flickr Stream)

The Royal Albert Rail Bridge


The Royal Albert Bridge, which crosses the River Tamar between Devon and Cornwall, is to have a major overhaul.

The rail bridge designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel will be blast-cleaned, strengthened and completely re-painted.

As part of the work, research is being carried out on the existing 30 coats of paint to uncover the original colour of the bridge.

Network Rail said the bridge was first repainted grey in 1911 and its original colour was never recorded.

As soon as the design work is completed, work is expected to begin on site by summer 2010.

This design process will finalise how the renewal and restoration work should be carried out in the next two years.

For other great shots of the bridge by Lantographer click here (Well worth the effort!)

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