04 April 2009

East End Jackpot

"Just because there is a recession, doesn’t mean that Plymouth is standing still”

Get well soon Dan!

The East End of Plymouth has hit the jackpot with a win of £9.8 million pounds worth of new roads and pavements, cycle paths and other plans to tackle traffic and encourage growth. A joint announcement made today by the Department for Transport and the Department of Communities and Local Government listed Plymouth as one of the lucky councils who bid for cash from the Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF) and won.
Plymouth City Council submitted an impressive bid and was awarded a share of the cash, which is designed to unlock new residential development and give communities better transport links. More than five times the amount of cash available in the fund was asked for by councils across the country and only the best bids earned the prize. Now transport improvements in the East End, which is part of the massive Eastern Corridor Scheme, could begin on the ground as soon as 2010 thanks to this cash injection.
The proposals include a priority public transport route, new and re-surfaced roads and pavements, new off-road cycle paths to better link the city centre with the East End, Plympton and Plymstock and improved pedestrian links for better access to local shops and amenities in the area.
This part of the Eastern Corridor scheme not only looks to ease some of the traffic pressure expected from increased population and growth of the city, but also seeks to create a better quality of life for the East End community. It aims to halve the amount of traffic along Embankment road in the shopping area resulting in better access to the shops and local businesses. The proposed new road through the East End Gateway site will improve access to the land, opening up employment opportunities and generally enhancing the area. This will be a much-needed boost for the local economy, creating jobs and extra business for local suppliers in the short-term.
In the long-term, the benefits for the city will be huge, as the first piece of the jigsaw in the wider Eastern Corridor expansion falls into place, creating transport links to support the future growth of the city. Developing effective transport links with Plymstock Quarry, Sherford and Langage will boost local businesses and support growth in and around the city. Better access and new employment opportunities will make Plymouth an attractive and competitive location for existing companies and inward investors.
Councillor Kevin Wigens, Cabinet Member for Transport, praised staff who put the bid together. He added: "Just because there is a recession, doesn’t mean that Plymouth is standing still. We’re driving forward our plans for growth in the city and getting our transport links right is crucial to that. I’m thrilled that we have got this cash because we can now speed ahead with transport work in the East End to complement all the other fantastic regeneration that’s happened in the area.” Further consultation will take place within the East End community during the next phase of design over the coming months. Plans and information about this scheme can be found on our Community Infrastructure Fund page.
Plymouth City Council 30 March 2009

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  1. Two way traffic on Gdyina is going to be fun, lets hope they sort the flooding out.


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