22 April 2009

Citaro Demonstrator

"if you want to catch it you had better be quick”

dbg Elsewhere...
numberzz 88

TGP: Devonport

Mercedes BN09FWRPlymouth Citybus now have two demonstrators working for them. The latest is this smart looking Mercedes Citaro which is running on the 21/51 to compare with the existing Citybus Citaros. It is only here for another week so if you want to catch it you had better be quick. Although I was lucky to catch it in town for a photo this afternoon as I was only in town for 15 minutes I could have done with it being a bit later then I may have had the chance for a ride, but never mind!
The other demonstrator is the gold Enviro 300 SN08AAF which is still around, although I didn't see which route it was on as it passed me on Royal Parade as I was boarding a 50 home.


  1. is it just the picture or is this vehicle missing the driver side wing mirror?

  2. Just the picture!

  3. I passed one of these one day last week as I was leaving work out by Langage. Quite striking in their silver demonstrator livery.


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