04 March 2009

Amey goes for a Cantor or two

"No bus or coach 09s today but this little 'un caught my eye”

It’s funny how people seem at best to have a grudging acceptance of their bus service

Terry observes the Art of a Bus Station

Amey Plymouth City Council VU09DXL
©Terry Partridge: No bus or coach 09s today but this little 'un caught my eye
With Amey now running the Highways Department for Plymouth City Council we are now seeing the new influence in their vehicle fleet with this new Mitsubishi Cantor truck being the first 09 registered truck caught on camera by Terry. Not sure how many there are of these - I have seen a few - but this may just be the same one several times!

1 comment:

  1. Well good luck with them. Not sure if the Mercedes Dealer at Lee Mill has reopened so they might have a long way to go for a service (Barnstaple!)


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