08 December 2008

School kids left stranded in rain by bus


SCHOOL children in Plymouth were left stranded in the rain, after drivers of over-crowded buses refused their fare. Bus company First National told their drivers to refuse school pupils once buses reach full-capacity, after parents complained that the essential transporters were dangerously overcrowded

School kids left stranded in rain by bus (This is Plymouth)

This story has been great to follow on the This is Plymouth site as it does show up an awful lot of ignorance by the people (and the reporter - "First National"?!) of Plymouth. As I type this there are over 70 comments many of them hostile to the company. People seem to think that someone else should come in and run this - not for profit. Cant see that happening!
Another comments suggests that the City Council should give Citybus permission to run to Plymstock. The fact that they dont need council permission, and indeed already operate into Plymstock albeit on a tendered run seems to have passed this person by. The one good thing to see is that the pupils have come out in support of their regular drivers of this service. Knowing one of the drivers who does this run, that support is well deserved.
Si if you want some entertainment pop over to the This is Plymouth site and read the comments HERE

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