13 December 2008

PlymGo - coming soon

We have had Ugo - now we are getting PlymGo. Interesting new service being launched very soon by Plymouth City Council. You can register your interest in hearing about the site when it launches this coming week. www.plymgo.com.

The City Council have developed a brand new, Plymouth focused, journey planning website 'PlymGo.' The new tool is designed to give people choice about how, why and when they travel, the very essence of travel plans, and has been designed in a user friendly format so it gives people the information they need.

The website has been designed to plan journeys on foot, by bike and by public transport and the private car with the results reported in terms of; distance travelled, time taken, calories burnt whilst on route and the carbon value of your journey- this means we hope to tie in with the entire spectrum of New Year resolutions. However, the site will only be successful if people use it. We are therefore asking for your help. The site will go live on the 15th December. As an incentive to people registering at www.plymgo.com the first 500 people using the site will receive promotional merchandise.
If the teaser screen shot is an indication then this is a good looking service with decent maps and should be a lot easier to use than the current city council site that goes with the real time information system. I will be covering this in more detail once it launches next week. The City Council really are getting serious about promoting public transport!

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