06 December 2008

New modern shelters for bus stops at Derriford


OLD bus stops in Derriford have been replaced by three modern, double-length shelters. The new shelters are wheelchair and pushchair accessible and have internal lighting, comfortable seating and timetable information panels

New modern shelters for bus stops at Derriford (This is Plymouth)

The news item also mentions the new bus stop shelter that has been put up at the Tamar Science Park which I noticed just on Thursday. This is now served by the 46/47 along with Northern Connect and the Medical School service run by Citybus. I have only one one occasion been on a taxibus when it has picked or dropped anyone there. Too most passengers on the 46/47 its just an annoyance that the bus runs there - none of my friends have seen anyone catch a bus from there either. I guess there must be some users of this stop?

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