02 December 2008

A bus that knows where its going

Plymouth Citybus 138 WA08LDK
Citybus 138 is a bit special. You cant tell from this photo as it was taken before it got special, and actually the special bit is inside anyway. It has just been fitted with new GPS system. This means that the display screen inside the bus that normally just displays random gobbledegook at the moment will now be clever enough to know where the bus is, and what the next bus stop is.

It has only been configured for a couple of routes at the moment as a trial. It works great on service 42 with the "Next Stop" and the name being displayed. If the bus stops at the next stop the opening of the doors triggers the sign to clear and display the next stop along the route.

If the bus does not use the stop the sign clears after about 20 yards past the stop and then displays "Next Stop" and the name.

The software has also been sorted so that the bus can display the coloured route numbers - although it is not yet planned to use these just yet. It does open possibilities for route branding further down the line if Citybus decide to go down that path. It is set up for a couple of routes at the moment, one being the 42 which is normally Enviro operated these days.

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  1. IIRC, X141 CDV and X142 CDV are fitted with that. I can remember travelling on them way back in 2002 on what was then the 18 (City Centre, Millbridge, Stoke back to City Centre), and they had a similar thing that only worked occasionally. It said things like "Next Stop: Rail Station, and Stopped At: Stoke Albert Road".
    Would this be the same system?



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