22 November 2008

TTT 1 : STK 0

I was looking forward to a run out on STK131T today - but it didnt work out like that! 131 STK was a bit poorly so 168 TTT168X had a run out instead. It was just a quick run up to Derriford, Crownhill, West Park, St Budeaux and back to Milehouse. We stopped at West Park for a couple of photos:

Plymouth Citybus 168 TTT168X Plymouth Citybus 168 TTT168X
My camera seems to have adopted a couple of strange settings somewhere along the way but I think I have rescued the photos!
Plymouth Citybus 131 STK131TIts always good to see a proper bus out on the roads of Plymouth so 168 was a treat but I must admit I have always preferred the Park Royal / Roe bodies Atlanteans with the comfortable seats of 131-5 setting them apart from the others, so 131 has to be my favourite.
It is still hoped to get 131 ready in time for the Plym Valley runs in December. It looks great - but sounds awful at the moment!

My thanks to Ralph Delbridge and Ian Byrne for the trip today.



  1. Even though she's poorly, 131 still looks great!
    Is there any news on her sister, STK133T? Is 133 back at Milehouse? I'm sure I read somewhere she was coming back to Plymouth for restoration.

  2. 133 is indeed in Plymouth. She resides at Milehouse undergoing restoration.
    Progress has been steady and oncourse for MOT mid 2009.
    She is part of the Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group fleet

    Ralph Delbridge, Chairman PCT PG

  3. Thats great news about 133, it'll be good to see "John Smeaton" restored and back in Plymouth again!


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