04 November 2008

MP joins campaign to saved axed bus route

PLYMOUTH MP Linda Gilroy has joined calls for the city council to keep a bus service which operator First says it no longer wishes to run
MP joins campaign to saved axed bus route

"It's inconceivable, when we are trying to encourage greater use of public transport, that large parts of Stoke, Millbridge and Devonport will be left without an evening or Sunday service, especially as Devonport is going through such a resurgence."

Plymouth City Council point out that less than one passenger per journey would not have access to an alternative bus.

It seems that at least one person got a warning when clicking on the above link which actually goes to This Is Plymouth so should be safe. It does not seem be an issue for me at the moment - but please be aware of this - if you get a warning like this its better to be safe than sorry!

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