13 November 2008

Congestion charge plan for Tamar Bridge


CONGESTION charging could be introduced on the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry as part of a pricing strategy overhaul, bosses have revealed. Bridge and ferry users are being urged to voice their opinions on proposed 50 per cent price hikes due to kick in next year.

Congestion charge plan for Tamar Bridge

The one thing that does seem clear from this story is that bridge tolls are going up! It does seem strange that tolls have not gone up for so long. Surely if tolls had just gone up by a small amount each year then they wouldnt be quite so short of cash now and have to put such a large increase on in one go. As for variable tolls depending on the time of day that is more interesting. Of course, with both Citybus and First dropping the morning time restrictions from their return fares they have in effect moved away from congestion charging just at the pint in time when many authorities are looking at introducing it!

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