07 October 2008

Plymothian Bridges: Coombe Viaduct

This is actually the second viaduct over this creek carrying the Cornwall Railway line out from Saltash (left) and on into Cornwall. It was opened 19th October 1894.

Coombe-Viaduct-05 Coombe-Viaduct-02

A stunning photo of the viaduct:
Coombe Viaduct at sunrise
©AndyWelshman (Flickr Blog this). See his other Saltash bridges photos HERE They really are brilliant.

From the Cyberheritage collection we get this great aerial view from the very early 1980's

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  1. There is something wrong with this photo, at first I could not think what it was, then I realised the photo is back to front !! I know this area well I actually stayed on a houseboat at the top of the creek in the 1940's


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