31 October 2008

Parking hike 'could help cut congestion

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A TRANSPORT expert has called on the city council to raise car parking charges in Plymouth to encourage more people to take the bus. However, Prof John Shaw rejected the idea of introducing the controversial congestion charge for the city

Parking hike 'could help cut congestion

Apparently Plymouth Sutton has been ranked as the ninth most congested constituency in the country - although that is pretty much a meaningless statistic if you ask me!

Prof Shaw also states that Plymouth bus fares are 'very expensive' but the news article does not go on to say how he backs this up - are fares really more expensive down here than elsewhere?

The City Council has already rejected similar please to raise parking fees to promote higher bus usage so I don't see this as a starter. Ironically the one thing that would promote bus usage, congestion charging, is also rejected by the prof. 

(Image by The Repairman)

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