15 October 2008

Drake Circus is eighth ugliest building in UK


PLYMOUTH'S Drake Circus has been named as the eighth ugliest building in the country in a new survey.

Drake Circus is eighth ugliest building in UKOverpowering

Wow! What an accolade! Well done to Plymouth for achieving this. OK maybe a bit too sarcastic, but actually I have to say this is really unfair. From certain angles it does look a bit off and I would never described it as a beautiful building, but from some angles it is quite stunning. As a backdrop to bus photographs down in Bretonside Bus Station is a lot better than the hideous car park that used to be there. Indeed the Charles Cross section is by far the best looking corner of the building. For people who feel its not an appropriate edifice sitting alongside Charles Church you only have to look at the other buildings that surround the Church - Charles Cross Police station and of course the architectural gem that is Staples.
Picture left is  ©AMRPhotography2008 (Flickr Blog this)
More of his photos here - excellent collection

Plymouth Drake Circus

This one demonstrating the view from Bretonside is by Yellow Book Ltd undercreative commons.

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