26 September 2008

Its a wrap

Plymouth Citybus 130 M130HOD Step entrance Dart is the latest to receive an all over advert wrap, and its a good one - at least from the outside anyway. Photos thanks to Brian George.

Plymouth Citybus 130 M130HODPlymouth Citybus 130 M130HODPlymouth Citybus 130 M130HOD

Of course 130 is an old hand at carrying adverts:

130 M130HOD Plymouth Citybus.130 M130HOD Plymouth Citybus.

1 comment:

  1. Whilst I do agree these all-over wraps are very effective from the outside and no doubt fulfill the advertiser's purpose admireably, I cannot help but wonder who cares about the passenger experience? With one's view of the outside partially obliterated/distorted it can be like travelling in a time-tunnel, ruining the enjoyment of bus travel in the first instance and at worst making for a very claustraphobic experience. The result? - a good few potential customers are lost and stick with alternative means of travel.


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