29 September 2008


News just in:

5 of the 13 B7LRE's (56 plate) have arrived from Manchester. One has been transferred to Camborne for type training, with the other four in Plymouth. (The four in Plymouth will be probably making a guest appearance on the P+R for Goosey Fair tbc).
The 5 B7LRE's (08 plate) will be returning to Leeds in due course.

Then the extra bit that was certainly news to me:

The 12 Tridents from London should also be due in the coming weeks

Cant wait to see what they are for!


Thanks to Marc Reddy


  1. I'm led to believe that some will end up in Falmouth on the 88 route

  2. I have been told that most of the 56 reg B7's are to replace the 05 reg darts on the 14/18 route in cornwall.

    The ex london tridents are to make plymouth completely low floor deckerwise, although there aren't many step deckers in plymouth.

    I just one gets sent to callington

  3. Maybe four for Torpoint to replace Olympians?


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