21 September 2008

Hot weekend

This "summer" I have been out and really caught the sun on three occasions. All three of these have been bus rallys!

Today I was at Westpoint for the WHOTT event with Zak who really enjoyed it. The weather was fantastic, even if the sun was too bright at times for photos!

I still have about 250 photos on my PC still to look at and sort out so I will give these events proper coverage during the coming week, but for now here is just a very quick flavour of the Kingsbridge running day:

Kingsbridge Running DayThe view from the bus: East PortlemouthKingsbridge Running Day

Thanks once again to all organisers of both events and all the drivers and volunteers who worked so hard to make the events such great fun. Thanks to Plymouth Citybus for providing transport to the event for both of us today too, and driver Les and the rest of the group who made us so welcome on their bus.

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