22 August 2008

Plymouth International

The latest timetable changes for Plymouth Citybus saw the 42 being routed through the Plymouth International Business Park for the first time. This is the first Citybus through this estate although First have tried before, but gave up. Since then more businesses have opened up on the estate so maybe this is why Citybus feel its worth a go now. Taxifast / Target Travel run their Northern Connect service here already so now we do get a choice of buses.

Today I managed to catch a 42 on camera while I sat with Zak waiting for the Taxibus to bring us home from McDonalds.

Waiting for the bus

No timetable info which is a shame - I dont think any of the bus stops have timetables along this section.

Plymouth International

There is a great big 'display post' right behind the bus stop which isnt being used for anything at the moment, but it would probably be overkill for how few buses use this stop, even if it available for use in this way. The new Future Inn building is quite impressive but I dont suppose it generates much bus traffic along here!

Future Inn PlymouthPlymouth Citybus 145 WA08LEF

There was actually one other passenger who got on this 42 at our bus stop, which is the first other person I have seen use this service along this stretch other than myself. I am sure there are others though and its not as if its much of a detour for Citybus so cant be costing much extra to serve this area. With its plush leather seats its almost as tempting as the leather seats in the Taxibus which is coming up a few mins behind this one. Well done to Citybus for trying to serve new areas though, just one of the many improvements in public transport in this section of the City over the past year or so.


  1. Also - the 46/47 services now serve tamar science park

    dan :D

  2. Thanks Dan.
    I am hoping to cover the Tamar Science Park later - just waiting to get a decent photo first!


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