03 August 2008

HST departing Now

My friend Nick Rice (rejoicing under the name Ricepottub) has just posted this great short clip of Arriva Cross Country HST (in Midland Mainline livery at the front) departing from Plymouth Station. The sound of these wonderful machines has been well captured!


Sorry for lack of post yesterday it was late before I got access to the blog and sleep seemed the better option at the time!


  1. Love the bit right at the end where the sun glints off the rear engine (headlight or something). Amazing. Well done Nick.

  2. The rear one is an Mercedes MTU, when CrossCountry's fleet is done it will just be Grand Central using the Valenta.

    Though given that MTU is the merger of Mercedes and Maybach heavy diesels then you could say history has come full circle back to the western

  3. I liked the Valenta engines. But MTUs sound much better.


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