11 August 2008

Another demonstrator

Thanks to Brian George we can bring you photos of the latest Optare Demonstrator for Plymouth Citybus.

Optare YK57YHMOptare YK57YHM

©Brian George - used with permission

Well its a lot better looking than the Enviros (in my opinion)!

There are lots more photos on Brian's Fotopic pages here


  1. Optare Tempo I assume? Interesting, looks about between high-floor and older low-floor Dart size? Having been on the 200s now, they're nice buses, but I feel they're a bit small for a lot of Citybus routes, especially in rush hour...

  2. This is a 12.5 metre Optare Tempo, so its quite a bit bigger than a Dart!
    I think the last company to use it was Whippet coaches of Fenstanton, who used it on the Cambridge-Huntingdon route involving the A14, so it might seem a little bit knackered now.


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