29 July 2008

First Devon and Cornwall on show

More photos from the weekend - this time current FDC stock:

First Devon and Cornwall 34752 A752VAF

The oldest of the current fleet still in normal use was represented by A752VAF looking very smart despite her age.

First Devon and Cornwall 38000 D700GHY

Slightly newer but only recently added to the fleet D700GHY represents the current open top fleet

First Devon and Cornwall 34970 G910TWS

A little bit newer, but again only very recently added to the fleet G910TWS isn't looking quite so well cared for with a little bit of roof damage visible. Its only with the much improved appearance of the fleet these days that you notice little things like this. Just shows how much things have changed.

A couple of Mercedes Varios were also present - 52653 as a dedicated training vehicle while 52557 is still used in service. Sir Francis Drake clearly hasn't grasped the concept of single decker buses though!

First Devon and Cornwall 52653 R853TFJFirst Devon and Cornwall 52557 S557RWP

There was one other much newer FDC bus on display - but that one has to wait till tomorrow...

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  1. The Enviro 400s started on the X38 last Monday - and going on yesterday's performance they are struggling. I had 19093 (MX 56 PHK) on the 10.40 from Exeter - we left 2 minutes down and arrived at Plymouth 10 minutes adrift - meaning an 8 minute late start on the return journey. The 11.40 off Exeter was a ALX400 Trident (as we passed the incoming journey at Ashburton when it really should have been approaching Exeter). Despite stepping back on journey 19094 (MX 56 PHM) was still 10 minutes late arriving for the 14.10 back to Exeter - left 12 minutes late and managed to claw back a minute by Exeter.

    The Enviro 400s seem quick enough on the faster sessions - the problem seems to be insufficient recovery time when there are delays en route - and to cover time lost in Ashburton. I have to say that I don't understand why the diversion via Warner Village isn't by request only and also why the X38 still drops off in the viaduct rather than running in direct via Bretonside. This was introduced when the articulated Volvos were on the route and it terminated in Royal Parade - but all it seems to do now is use up time - especially when the driver has to explain several times where you get the bus to go back.


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