26 June 2008

South Devon Conundrum

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours taking photos at Marsh Mills so of course I was able to observe a number of X80's and X45s coming in.

Apart from One Trident seen leaving Plymouth all the X80s were Volvo B6BLE Wright bodied single deckers. Most like this one having a reasonable number of passengers, but certainly not full.

First Devon and Cornwall 48265 W605PAF

Stagecoach on the other hand had three different Dennis Trident double deckers pass through in the same time. Each one was almost full. One actually had a couple of standing passengers although I could see a few empty seats upstairs. Based on yesterdays evidence it would seem that Stagecoach are winning the battle.

Stagecoach Devon 18308 WA05MGZ

So which company has just announced it is withdrawing from the route just as the summer season gets going?

First must think its Christmas!

I was in Town this morning with the intention of spending the day in town and maybe even tracking down the Scania demonstrator. In the end, as I have a miserable cold and was feeling rough I just spent 40 mins or so taking pictures and came home. I don't know if the Scania was out and about today but I will just have to make do with everyone else's photos of this beast. Sometimes even I don't feel up to bus spotting - I must be getting old!

I did get some more work on a major project of mine done though, which will soon be added to the Plymothian Transit blog site. Watch this space!

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