25 May 2008

Up the road

Its been an interesting week for Stagecoach in Devon. The Exeter bombing the other day caused chaos on the streets of Exeter on the very day that the popular MD of the company was dropping a bomb shell of his own:

The managing director of bus firm Stagecoach Devon is transferring to a new position within the group, based in Blackpool, the company has confirmed.Chris Hilditch left his job at the Exeter-based headquarters on Wednesday and is due to take up his new post as managing director of a subsidiary company of Stagecoach on June 1.

It is believed that he is going to work with NTT National Travel Tokens (I thinks thats what its called) which is owned by Stagecoach.

I do wonder quite what the local press are thinking about this move:

Stagecoach denies any connection between Mr Hilditch's leaving and the introduction of the new South Devon timetable this week.

Quite why a new timetable would lead to Chris having to leave the company is beyond me?

Chris Hilditch was very enthusiast friendly and always seemed approachable enough. He has built up good relationships with both Plymouth Citybus and Western Greyhound with joint tickets being available. First Devon and Cornwall though have had ongoing battles with SCD for some time. I am sure all local operators will be waiting to see what happens when Chris' successor is appointed and starts to make his / her mark 

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