15 May 2008

Trathens on Flickr

We had a major power cut this evening so I lost a large part of the evenings computer time, plus had to spend a while sorting the computer out after it lost power - refused to load up windows to begin with!

As I am therefore limited in time to post tonight I just thought I'd share this excellent photo from aecregent of a Trathen Skyliner from way back in 1982 - Its amazing to think that this was 26 years ago!


©AecRegent - click the photo to go to his Flickr stream.

This Trathens Neoplan Skyliner is at Gloucester Road coach station in London. This site was set up to compete with National Express so that other coach companies who operated an Express service would have a base to set down and pick up. It was situated very conveniently near Gloucester Road Underground station, something that couldn't be said for Victoria coach station. (Yes, I know its miles from Gloucester Road, what I mean is that theres a long walk to an Underground station at Victoria!) Whilst at this (1982) Trathens competed with national Express, they soon became a part of its empire.

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