07 April 2008

What a Waste

Plymouth City Council are investing in a large fleet of new dustcarts this year and the first 08 of the batch I have caught on film is WA08CXH seen today passing through Crownhill at lunchtime.

Plymouth City WA08CXH

Plymouth City WA08CXH

Just for good measure here are a few other City Council vans I caught on camera today:

Plymouth City WG57SYT

Plymouth City WD07GYR

Plymouth City WG57GBF

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  1. I'm go off on a tangent on this one, since we're on the subject of waste disposal. I can't believe PCC has the bare-faced cheek to tell us all to recycle more when they don't provide the extra services to do so. I live in a house in West Hoe that is split into 4 flats, and for those 4 flats we only get 1 green wheely bin.

    By the time we've filled our green bag enough to take it out, the green bin is already full from the other 3 flats, meaning most of our reyclables go in with the normal waste, completely rendering the exercise moot.

    It's good to see some new trucks on the road, but at the same time it seems that it can be a waste of money compared to the cost of increasing the frequencies of which green waste is collected. Since Chelson Meadow's now closed this should be a bigger issue than ever before. Though saying that, maybe these trucks will be picking up more green than brown?


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