02 April 2008

Three Today!


FDC Repaint

First Devon and Cornwall still operate this ancient Mercedes 'bread van' which is registered J143SJT. Seen here just leaving the main Plymouth bus depot this week it has just been treated to a new repaint into the latest barbie livery. This is a real surprise as most of the rest of this batch have been sold along with many other newer minibuses. Normally this would mean that its likely that this bus will be around for some time yet, but this is First Group - so anything could happen.

PlymothianTransit.com: FDC Repaint

It was exactly three years ago today that this first posting was made to Plymothian Transit. The blog itself was set up on the 31st March but this was the first proper posting.

By a nice coincidence this is also the 900th post. March saw the highest ever number of visitors smashing through the 3000 mark for the month for the first time. March 2008 was only just short of twice the visitors as April 2007!

Thanks to all who have popped in, especially those that have stayed, as many have and become regular visitors. Thanks also to those within the transport industry who have been so helpful.


  1. Oh christ, I can remember this post the first time around!

    Well done Graham, Still here after three years, although I don't think I can say the same for J143 SJT, probrably sitting in a scrapyard up North with no wheels or windows..

    Oh well, one more breadvan ticked off the list!

    Keep up the work!

  2. Thanks Nick

    It really doesnt seem like three years does it!


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