05 April 2008

Take a Break! Plymouth, 1982.

Lady Wulfrun has just posted this great shot on her Flickr account which has to be shared here!

Take a Break! Plymouth, 1982.

Platform staff take a breather on a make-shift bench in front of Plymouth, Leyland Atlantean bus 216, on a very pleasant 15th September 1982. ©Lady Wulfrun

Quite apart from health and safety issues you wont get another shot like this one here - the area having changed totally (and not for the best either)

For great photos from all over the country Lady Wulfrun has one of the best Flickr sets out there. If you are interested in what the bus looks like then we end with another of Claire's photos this time of sister 218 also September 1982

Plymouth CT, Leyland Atlantean No 218 (FJY 918E) in Plymouth Bus Station on 11th September 1982

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