17 April 2008

Plymouth Citybus 358 MCO658

Plymouth Citybus 358 MCO658

On the eve of the public launch of Plymouth Discovery tours we have a photo of the master of Plymouth tours. Sir Francis Drake himself! Sadly the days of regular open top buses in Plymouth seem to be well and truly over and Sir Francis is now used for promotional duties only these days. That said she (he) is kept in immaculate condition as always.

I am at the launch of Plymouth Discovery Tours tomorrow so hopefully will have a report / photos of the event on this blog shortly. It certainly sounds different to the normal tours of Plymouth. Anything which helps promote the history of Plymouth and offers tourists a unique view of Plymouth has to be welcomed so I do hope that this new service succeeds.

Now if we could just get someone to stick an open top bus back around the Plymouth seafront...

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  1. A great looking bus. Is that stk133t behind? Any news on her preservation?


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