13 April 2008


Had a birthday treat today when my son Zak and I joined a few others on a guided tour of the Milehouse bus depot of Plymouth Citybus thanks to Brian George. Its late and the bottle of wine downstairs is calling me so just a few photos tonight but I am sure a few more will appear here during the week ahead...

Citaro Line up

Plymouth Citybus 134 WA56HHP

Plymouth Citybus 24 R124OFJ

Plymouth Citybus JSK262

The rain clouds over the coach opened up just before and after this photo was taken!

Thanks Brian for a very interesting tour.


  1. Fantastic photo of the Citaro line, just love the cloud base as the background, really sets the photo off.

    Just wished I'd seen it when standing next to you!!

    Certainly was a grand day out, and how cool was Zak's hi-vis... 10/10 mate.

  2. Probably more luck than real judgement for the photo!

    Was a good day though and Zak loved it!


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