13 March 2008

First Saving Children

First Devon and Cornwall 32762 WJ55CRZ

© Darren Williams - used with permission.

First Group seem to be sponsoring quite a few buses up and down the country for Save the Children. I know that Bristol certainly has some. Plymouth now has this one. Anything which helps highlight child poverty in this country has to be a good thing so well done to First for this initiative.


  1. Hmmm but just how much are First actually donating?? Of their Mini-monster events, only 25% of the entry fee goes to STC and their web site talks about making employee giving to STC possible - just like Wal-Mart does. Sorry but this is just greenwash. How many of their employees are claiming family tax credits?

  2. This may be seen as a slimey corportations doings or a real try to be more socially responsible.
    Either way they are doing something! They are, a business with profitability in mind, after all.


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