23 March 2008



A curious submission lands on the desks of the panjandrums at the Man Booker Prize for Fiction. Someone has nominated the timetable for Bristol’s First bus service. “I can personally attest to the timetable’s suitability as a work of fiction since it bears absolutely no relation to the actual times or the frequencies of the buses’ journeys,” he writes. “Since August I have wasted about 50 hours of my life . . . waiting for buses that never turn up.”

Atticus | Dipesh Gadher - Times Online

Nothing to do with Plymouth I know, but as someone who was twenty minutes late for work last thursday because his bus never turned up (I heard later that it was in fact early!) I can appreciate the sentiments behind this. Although to be fair the 50 is rarely early - more often its late due to the roadworks at Leigham. It does seem from what I read elsewhere Bristol has a much worse problem than Plymouth.

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  1. Golden rule of bus driving; "There are a million reasons for running late but NO excuse for running early."


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