17 March 2008

Ferry Big Problem

 Torpoint Ferry 1

A Torpoint school has defended its decision to ditch the town's ferry from its logo - claiming that the vessel kept breaking down. Parent governor Illona Wilcox has resigned because Torpoint Nursery and Infant School changed the badge from the vessel to a tree. But parent governor Sue Dart has hit back saying that the ferry was not the best logo for the school. She said: "The ferry breaks down constantly and goes backwards and forwards but does not actually go anywhere. I was talking about this and then ironically I heard that the ferries were delayed.

This is Plymouth

I love stories like this!


  1. I know that it is only a uniform, but I do feel that it is sad to remove the ferry logo. After all, the ferry - whether or not it gets delayed - is a significant part of Torpoint's heritage and an engineering achievement that should be celebrated rather than denounced.

  2. 2 thoughts:

    Trees don't go anywhere either!
    Where would she like the Torpoint - Devonport ferry to go - sunny Spain?

    I haven't listened to Radio Devon for a while but I assume that when they say there are only 2 ferries in operation it is for planned maintenance.


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