20 February 2008

UCO46L Leyland National

Thamesway 2200 UCO46LThamesway 2200 UCO46L

©Terry Clark

These two photos of former Plymouth Leyland National UCO46L were posted by Terry Clark - and are reproduced here with his permission. Plymouths Nationals were dispatched elsewhere early on in their working lives and were to be found all over the country with quite a few lasting really well. UCO46L became an Exhibition Unit and is pictured above at Southend Bus Rally date unknown - but after 1990 when Thamesway was formed.

Eastern National UCO46L

©Richard Haughey

Richard then also posted this photo of the same bus still with Eastern National, also as an Exhibition Unit, looking very much an NBC product.

Thanks to both Terry and Richard for permission to use their photos

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  1. re. photo in NBC livery -- suspect vehicle was still in its role as a disabled bus.

    Incidentally, modifications did not stop with the ramp at the centre doors, but these were amended from 4-spd to 5-spd boxes; not sure whether they were auto originally, but they were certainly semi-auto [to match EN's own 240 native LN1s] when in service with EN.



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