29 February 2008

First is Excited...

First Devon and Cornwall 42947 WA56FTX

First have now announced their new Plymouth network on their own web site:

First is excited to announce changes to its bus network which will lead to additional services for customers in the city. The new network will come into force on Sunday 6th April 2008. First will be launching a huge publicity campaign for all its customers in March to let them know about the changes. The changes are as a result of a year long exercise talking to customers, local stakeholders and user groups as well as an analysis of customer travel patterns across the city. First has also looked at best practice in the public transport world to make the new network of buses reflect modern social needs along with being really simple to understand.

More on the actual services here

First will be letting customers know about changes through a series of events in March. There will be extensive publicity (including further details on this website). Please look out for the following:
• Details of new timetables can be found on this website under the forthcoming timetables heading, within the timetables section.
• Customer information leaflets will be distributed towards the end of March
• The First Devon and Cornwall information bus will be on Royal Parade from Monday 31st March to Saturday 12th April, 2008. Come and talk to us for further information
• Details of our changes in the Herald and the Plymouth Extra

Even more impressive is that full timetables are already available for these services here so you can already plan for any changes.

They do mention that there is going to be a big publicity push which can only be a good thing. I am sure we will soon see news stories in the papers from people who loose their links etc but so far it looks good to me! Anything which increases the number of passengers travelling by bus has to be a good thing.

Interestingly there is no mention of 'Eugobus' so far? Maybe this is coming later!


  1. I'm not surprised Graham that they have not used "Eugobus" as that is indeed what seems to have happened the bus has gone !

    Clever but no amount of marketing will hide the fact that at a first glance, I now have a reduced frequency. Even more reason for not using the bus. Still I am lucky I have still got a service here in Saltash.

    As noted just a quick glance sees that areas in Saltash are being stripped of their services.

    Still as the purpose of a bus company is to make profits, if not used then loose it!

    Can't see MR etc getting off lightly from Saltash !

  2. Saltash Services are just split so that it is much easier to understand for the customer, with service 1 serving St Stepthens and and 1A Latchbrook, still 20 minute service on both, ie combined 10 City-Fore Street. Plus a town service linking both Latchbrook and St Stephens. Furthermore direct evening and Sunday services are restored, as oppose to the 7E, plus better frequency.


  3. Well Terry - there is your answer!

    I must admit I dont know Satash well enough to make any comment on this but I am sure Marc is going to be kept busy over the coming weeks.

    There certainly are some big improvements in places but I dont suppose they will get so much press coverage

    Thanks MR for your comments - and good luck with the launch.

  4. Can't understand how removing a twin circular service and making it two seperate services one of which only goes to St Stephens church is better for the passenger.
    Good to see evening improvements for the drunks and yobbos. Oh well it's back in the car for me.

  5. Quite simple, customer feedback, market research, and the general industry view is that circular services and long loops confuse customers. Just responding to what the majority of our customers and potential customers are saying.


  6. OK, more evening services (30 mins as opposed to 2 hours) is better - but weren't they cut because of low usage? That doesn't make sense.

    There are still areas losing their bus service, and a lot more changing buses going to be needed. The route of the 6 doesn't make sense.


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