28 January 2008

Green Travel Pass

Businesses are being urged to encourage their staff to sign up to Plymouth City Council's Green Travel Pass Scheme

The scheme works in partnership with bus companies to offer employees discounted travel if they get the bus to and from work. The idea is that bus pass-holders save on  bus and petrol costs while helping to reduce congestion and pollution. Plymouth City Council has now relaunched the scheme with a new-look pass.

I was aware that the scheme was being relaunched as we were asked if we were willing to be interviewed on our way to work. I have other things on my mind so decided not to put myself forward. The new look pass is really the new smartcard pass which should be a lot better as the old card passes never lasted a full twelve months. The card rapidly wore out as it passed through the Citybus machines everyday and the ink faded so even when it sopped working in the readers - it was difficult for the drivers to check the ticket was in date.

The new publicity is welcome - this scheme deserves to be used more widely.

Some city employers have already signed up to the scheme including 118 118 The Number, the Child Support Agency, City College Plymouth, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth City Council, Plymouth College of Art and Design, Royal Mail, the University of Plymouth and Westcountry Mortgage Services

It does suprise me that there are not more employers in this list. Some of the big city centre businesses have many employess who would I am sure benefit from this scheme. As well as being a bit cheaper it is more convenient than having to renew passes each month, and its usable on all the bus companies within Plymouth. This alone is something which I feel really should be pushed by the council as they market this scheme. I have been in this scheme pretty much from the start - Derriford was the pioneer of the scheme, and I would be lost without it.

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