21 January 2008

forty thousand

Although the blog has not got off to a brilliant start this year with my Dad being so ill, I have just this week reached the milestone of 40,000 visitors! Thanks to everyone who has visted.

It always amazes me that anyone else is interested enough in my ramblings to return to this site so to see numbers like this is even more amazing.

Taking a leaf out of the wonderful Omnibuses blog I have had a quick look to see how people found this site. It does seem that most visitors were actually looking for the site but there are a few more unusual requests through the search engines that ended up here:

Photos of Freedom Fields Hospital Plymouth (actually the 5th most searched term!)

"Western General Omnibus"

Most expensive bus

Clair Pendrous Blog (also a top search that ended up at Omnibuses - and she is certainly worth looking out for)

Background about the hovercraft (I have mentioned a hovercraft once!)

Bristol channel pilot photography (no idea how this got here)

drake circus carbuncle

Excellent computer setting(??)

Routemaster hire in Wales

two volvos

Thanks once again to all who have visited - even by accident! I am aiming to keep up the daily reports while I can just for my own sanity as much as anything else.


  1. Graham, congratulations. It’s quite a commitment, this blogging thing, isn’t it. Especially when you have family members who need your support, as you do now. But it’s also very worthwhile.

    And I note that Sitemeter may actually slightly *under-estimate* the number of visitors and especially page views.

    Some searches arriving at Omnibuses, using “Plymouth”:

    Hybrid Plymouth Citybus
    Chester City Transport First Plymouth
    Stagecoach Plymouth Torquay
    Mike Trathen Plymouth
    Plymouth Western National Omnibus Company
    Plymouth Royal Parade Megabus
    Plymouth Citybus Atlantean
    First Bus times Plymouth X45
    Plymouth PDR1
    Plymouth Atlantean
    Plymouth tuc tuc
    Bus Launceston-Plymouth
    Greyhound bus times Plymouth to Trago Mills

  2. Graham

    Well done, a very interesting blogg, which I read regularly.


    Marc Reddy

  3. Well done Graham. An interesting and informative blog which I check into at least twice a week. If only I could find the time to contribute to my blogs as much as I'd like! Pesky work and families!!! Regards, Rich B.

  4. Thanks to you all for the comments. As 'Busing' points out it is a big commitment maintaining a regular blog - but it is also great fun and very rewarding - especially when you get comments like these. At such a difficult time it really does help me carry on. Thanks again. Graham


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