24 January 2008

Blast from the Past

© Ian Kirby
MCW Metrobus
Bretonside Bus Station.Plymouth
15th May 2000
I think Ian sums up the situation nicely in his own caption to this excellent shot:
Someone within FirstBus had the bright idea that ex London Metrobuses
might be a suitable replacement for Western National's fleet of aging
VRTs. They weren't and didn't last long - indeed some of the VRTs
lasted until 2006!

They never did seem that popular with drivers and being just as old as the VRs they were supposed to replace I guess these were doomed from the start. I managed a few rides on them and they were ok - but the VRs were generally better and more comfortable. One thing they did do was to make the local transport scene a bit more varied, and as an anorak that was always welcome!

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