05 January 2008

After the National

© Ian Kirby
Leyland Lynx, Great Western Road, Paignton June 1999

After the Leyland National came the Lynx. Although it would never match the National for numbers produced it was still a fairly popular model. Although Western National did have a sizeable fleet of Nationals they were fairly rarely seen in Plymouth until the Preece Years when a fleet of them were brought in to help run extra services against Plymouth Citybus. This battle also saw the Leyland Lynx arrive with 200 being seen above in the bland livery style which gradually replaced the flags livery. I for one always liked the Lynx - they were very fast and very bouncy - but always great fun to ride on.


  1. I never worked out why E200BOD had a rather eyewatering (in the mornings at least) bright blue interior, with a seat fabric the same as the sprinter trains first had. The rest of the batch had a slightly more easy on the eye red interior and seats.

    There has been no bus as well suited on the 83/4 since the Lynx's went, The terrific high speed, bouncy howling fun between Yelverton and Robrough was fantastic!

  2. I am sure that 200 was a demonstrator before it became FWN200. Either that or it was built as a demo and ended up wth WN as part of a deal.
    I agree they were great for the Tavi services though.


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