03 December 2007

Plymothian Bridges 27: Lanhydrock Road

Lanhydrock Road

Lanhydrock Road

Nothing special to look at this bridge really. Plain concrete bridge with a double span. You can quite clearly see that this bridge used to go across a lot more railway tracks than it does now.


Looking towards Laira Rail Depot the roadway below us used to be double tracked railway which went of towards Cattedown across Embankment Road. The Lee Moor Tramway also used to run alongside the railway under this bridge.

Network Rail Yard

Looking in the other direction and following the line of the old railway up Embankment Road (just to the left). This is now in use as a maintenance yard by Railtrack

Train wash

The other span still has a double track railway which leads up towards the old Friary yard. The main activity being the large train wash.

This is the first in a full week of Plymothian Bridges as I have not had many for a short while. I am currently reading up on the railways of Plymouth and expect to cover these a lot more next year.

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