14 December 2007

News Round up


MPs are calling on the Government to consider renationalising First Great Western because of its poor performance, poor punctuality and use of old rolling stock.
An Early Day Motion, which criticises First Great Western has been tabled by Stroud Labour MP David Drew and has been signed by 19 other MPs.
The motion expresses alarm that FGW has replaced existing trains with "inferior rolling stock which could result in slower, less-comfortable and more-crowded conditions for passengers". More

Doesn't stand a chance of happening though so its irrelevant really. One commenter on the story does seem to understand how the system works though:

Using old trains is 100% the responsibility of the Government. They specified a cheap franchise bid with no new trains in the start and also specify what trains FGW can run on their network. The Department for Transport also specify timetables and journey times. Hardly any of the railway's problems in this area are the fault of FGW, it's the Government.


Police are investigating a spate of attacks on buses across the city which have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage. In the most recent incident, a female driver was left in shock and covered in shattered glass after a thug smashed a window as she pulled into a bus stop.
Police say the number 47 Citybus was approaching a stop in Colwill Road, Mainstone at around 3.50pm on Monday when a large window next to her exploded inwards. More

This is just the latest in a series of attacks on buses recently and its very lucky that no one has been killed yet. As usual police are asking for anyone who has any information to contact them. Sadly if they do catch any of them, its highly unlikely the punishment will amount to much.  Am I being to cynical here?


  1. On the FGW front, if by "government's fault" you mean "for sticking with this stupid structure" then I agree. Neither DfT nor FGW comes out of the current franchise arrangement with much credit at all. And on the "old trains" front, I wonder if they're talking about replacing 180s with HSTs (which is pretty understandable, and not really a bad thing), or replacing 150/153s with 142s? (which is - trust me, I rode one of those things up north lately, they're... entertaining ;-)

  2. Was at St Davids station last week and saw one of there "new" 'bread bins on track' roll in. Some light relief on a cold day.


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